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CXOBridge helps B2B Startups selling to Enterprises cross the chasm of growth and scale business through targeted customer connects & strategic partnerships with Fortune 1000 corporations.

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What People Say

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CXOBridge was invaluable for me. In addition to providing mentorship and connecting me with the right people, Startup Bridge showed me how to approach partnerships in a way that truly accelerated our growth

Pavan Thatha. CEO Shield Square acquired by Radware, 2018
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CXOBridge helped me through strategic introduction and mentorship in my journey to exit

Vijay Rayapati, CEO, Minjar on Mentorship
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CXOBridge gave my current found positioning and is winning me clients faster. Of the four PSP meetings I did there one has turned already turned into a partnership deal, another one is still active in the pipeline

Karthik Bettadapura
Dataweave, Startup Bridge India 2016 Startup

About CXOBridge

CXOBridge (initially Startup Bridge) was founded with inspiration from BIRD foundation. Established in 1977, the BIRD Foundation generates mutually beneficial cooperation between U.S. and Israeli companies, including start-ups and established organizations, and provides both matchmaking support between U.S. and Israeli companies. Due to that effort about 60 Israeli startups get acquired every year. Laying a similar ground work for India & US partnership was Startup Bridge's core mission with a 2027 goal to catalyze 100b of partnerships. CXOBridge is the next evolution, scaling up into a sustainable program to attain this goal.

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The CXOBridge Value

For F1000 corporates, it extends Corporate Innovation & Strategy team capabilities by surfacing curated deal opportunities with high impact startups, and reduce the risks of working with global partnerships.

For startups, it helps surface strategic partnership opportunities that can accelerate growth, scale revenue, build high potential value through deliberate matchmaking.

Curated enterprise startups.

Fortune 1000 CXO Network.

Warm introductions based on overlapping pain points.

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